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Paracel BLAST Overview

Researchers are now regularly investigating the largest and most complex genome sequences on the planet. As the size and complexity of sequences increase, the large database and high throughput requirements of performing even a simple BLAST sequence similarity search can dramatically escalate.

The best solution to these increased computational demands is the use of high performance parallel computing to split large, complex tasks across multiple processors. Paracel BLAST is the only commercially-supported BLAST solution for parallel computing. Paracel recoded the original NCBI BLAST source code from the ground up, eliminating important performance bottlenecks and optimizing it for use on parallel platforms.

Paracel BLAST scales up to run very rapidly on multiple CPU systems. A 32-CPU linux cluster runs a large database search in several hours that would take days running NCBI code on an ordinary single processor system.

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Bioinformatics Clusters In Action

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Enhancements in Parallelism

One of the key reasons why Paracel BLAST is far superior to other solutions is its ability to run incredibly large sequences on massively-parallel systems. Paracel BLAST's parallel-computing enhancements include:

The result is an easy-to-use, one-step solution that offers superior results in a fraction of the time!